Thursday 13Feb20
A concert by Quantum Ensemble
From 01 Jan to 01 Jan
Sala de Cámara
Auditorio de Tenerife
Music/Quantum Ensemble
 Auditorio de Tenerife

This concert presents three works of music which are seldom included in today’s programmes. Furthermore, these are pieces that show different kinds of affinities and contrasts among themselves and, in this way, create a tapestry of connections and dissimilarities that makes today’s concert very interesting. So, the temporal distance that separates Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from Francis Poulenc and Bohuslav Martinů seems shortened by the adherence of these last two composers to the postulates of neoclassicism in a very important part of their compositions and the unavoidable influence which Mozart exercised over those following this trend. Moreover, whereas Mozart’s and Martinů’s works display the composers in their full maturity as they develop works of great depth and ambition, Poulenc’s piece is a composition of modest dimensions that was composed when the French composer was not yet twenty years old. Finally, the concert begins with a work by Mozart for a string trio, continues with Poulenc’s duo for two clarinets and ends with a composition by Martinů that requires both of the two previous formations, thus creating a very unusual ensemble. This will no doubt intrigue people, which is what the Quantum Ensemble usually endeavours to do: how will Martinů manage to conjoin the dual presence of the clarinet sound, so versatile and potentially powerful, with the three instruments traditionally associated with the string trio?

Víctor Durà-Vilà


Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART (1756-1791) Divertimento in E flat major, K 563 (1788) – 45’ (Violin, viola and violoncello)
Francis POULENC (1899-1963) Sonata for two clarinets FP 7 (1918) – 7’
Bohuslav MARTINŮ (1890-1959) Serenade in F major for two clarinets and string trio nº 4, H 334 (1951) – 23’
Pre-concert talk

Quantum Ensemble has always distinguished itself by its efforts to bring music to its audience by creating complicities and meeting points between the members of the ensemble, the music they perform and his audience. In this context, the talks that Quantum offers before each concert are framed by expert professionals in the works that are going to be played. Thus, the pre-concert talk to Espejos will be led by Carlos Santos, director and presenter of the radio show Entre dos luces (RNE), and will begin at 6:30 pm in chamber room of Auditorio de Tenerife (free admission until full capacity is reached).

Dates and Tickets

The show is not available to children aged under 5.

Sala de Cámara
Auditorio de Tenerife
Music/Quantum Ensemble
Auditorio de Tenerife
Thu 13Feb20