Saturday 14May22
Träd + Am I what?+Du@l
Three outdoor dance shows
1 Shows
14 May 19:30 h.
50 min. aprox.
 Auditorio de Tenerife (Plaza Alisios)

As part of the programme of FAM Primavera, the Auditorio de Tenerife is presenting an evening of outdoor dance with three shows by the state programme Acieloabierto: Träd, by Colectivo Lamajara; Am I what?, by Elvi Balboa, and Du@l>, by Juan Carlos Avecilla. The event takes place in the outdoor area of the Auditorium of Tenerife with free entry.


There are many lives life. What would happen if each day you woke up somewhere in the world, and you lived, one by one, each of those possible lives? With circumstances transformed, they transform the body and soul into hearts that beat to live, fly and transcend the miseries of the world. Because another world is possible where there are no executioners or victims, where power is not above the human and where values and the essence of people are essential.

Choreography: Paloma Hurtado
Performance: Paloma Hurtado, Daniel Morales and Daniel Rosado
Production: LAMAJARA COLLECTIVE Photography: Lourdes de Vicente
Video: Daniel Trello
Costume: Ontop.pieldearena Performing Arts
Music: Jerusalem (Kroke), Tristesse (La Source des Femmes), Moan Thing (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis), La Llorona (Beirut), The Shrew (March of the Zapotec), Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto (Ensemble modern), Olafur Arnalds (Raein) y Dead Can Dance (The Host of Seraphim) 
Première: June 2017 Cádiz in Dance


During the journey, bodies move with the desire to be seen. Lines. The ego emerges among the sweat of the multitude. Life is a journey of bodies that desire and move. A voice says: “just see" as the prologue to a chain reaction... Am I What? is an ode to the individuality of human beings as opposed to the collective group that tries to gobble it up. On this occasion, the language of dance provides a deep reflection on the consumption of bodies, seeing bodies and competing to be the most seen body.

Original idea and choreography: Elvi Balboa
Artists: Paula Serrano, Joan Aguilà, Carla Moll, Marta García, Manuel Montes and Lucia Bocanegra
Costume: Elvi Balboa
Texts: Manuel Parra, Manuel Monro, Cristina Balboa and Elvi Balboa

Du@l> is an arbitrary social construction resulting from the patriarchal organisation and male dominance, formed by a series of values, definitions, beliefs and meanings about being, having to be and not being male, but above all, of their status in relation to women. It is possible to be a man and be scared, tender, charming, weak, peaceful, careful, etc. Two different bodies, two styles, and two forms of movement challenge one another metaphorically thus showing superiority over the other. Feel free to build your own male identity free of gender stereotypes through folk singing with the figure of two roosters.

Artistic direction and choreography: Juan Carlos Avecilla
Dances: Juan Carlos Avecilla and Jose Ángel Capel
Music: created by the artists themselves, live performance Extract of the texts by Silvia Pérez Cruz


Free entry

Sat 14May22

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