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Dance/Auditorio de Tfe.
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Synopsis & artistic datasheet

The FAM 2021 edition (Arts of Movement Festival) will take place from the 3rd  to the 6th of June with 24 shows in five different venues: Auditorio de Tenerife, Espacio La Granja, Paraninfo de la ULL, Teatro Guimerá and the scenic venue Centro de Arte La Recova.


A collaboration between two independent Spanish artists. The programme contains three pieces: two solos and one duo.

Open Wound (Herida abierta)

To make the invisible visible from inside a room that is closed and hidden. To make that inner side visible, what is most intimate, not beautiful, what is unspoken, and not shown. What we might not even want to have a name for. The possibility of inhabiting what I really am, and from there, to become something new.

Cualquier mañana (Any morning)

There is a precarious balance when a couple of words, a gesture, a snap, a chance or accidental event, a simple whisper can tip the balance. Sometimes, our benchmarks disappear, leaving only a gut feeling. An intimate duo. A thought on the natural sadness of broken things. One ordinary morning the puzzle pieces don't fit together as they used to.  A physical journey to the present to realise that the past will no longer return.


Open Wound (Herida abierta)

MicroAcción de Laura Aris

Music: Banda Ionica, Samir Kadribašić



Creation and interpretation: Álvaro Esteban López

Music: Samuel Aguilar

Lyrics: Miguel Ángel Vargas. Trilla popular (popular threshing). A musical extract of 'Más fuerte cantaba yo'


Cualquier mañana (Any morning)

Concept and choreography: Álvaro Esteban and Laura Aris

Original music by: Roger Marín

Special thanks to the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA)

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Dance/Auditorio de Tfe.
5 €
Fri 04Jun21

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