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De ratones y hombres
Première in Europe
4 Shows
11 Sep and 15 Sep
60 min.
El Sauzal, Puerto de la Cruz, Tegueste y Adeje
Musical Theatre/Colombia

The theatre festival Muestra Escénica Iberoamericana (MEI) has programmed 'De ratones y hombres', (About mice and men) by the Colombian theatre company Señor M, also known as 4 Paredes for the stage space where they perform in their country.

Based on a story by John Steinbeck, the play begins with two brothers, Colombian peasants, who travel through different regions looking for a better future. One is intelligent and the other is not. One depends on the other until one of the two becomes a dangerous burden.

Artistic datasheet

Dramaturgy and direction: Manolo Orjuela

Actors: Gadiel López, Héctor Sánchez and Laura Rodríguez

Music: Jorge Arbeláez

Assistant: Juan Felipe Avendaño

Set design: Jeison López

General production: 4 Paredes

MEI Tour

Performances of 'De ratones y hombres' in Tenerife

Teatro El Sauzal-11 September. Tickets are on sale HERE

Teatro Timanfaya, Puerto de la Cruz-12 September. Tickets not available so far.

Teatro Príncipe Felipe, Tegueste-14 September. Free tickets are available to the public until full capacity is reached. Those interested in attending the show shall reserve their seats by dialling the number 922 316 136.

Escuela de Música, Adeje-15 September. Tickets not available so far.


En este espacio se podrá disponer de una visualización del espectáculo solo para los programadores con clave de la Red Española de Teatros, Auditorios, Circuitos y Festivales de Titularidad Pública (Redescena) y la Red Eurolatinoamericana de Artes Escénicas (Redelae).

Timetable and tickets

Tickets or invitations can be purchased at each venue under their own conditions and measures. 

Recommended for audience over 12 years of age.

El Sauzal, Puerto de la Cruz, Tegueste y Adeje
Musical Theatre/Colombia
Sat 11Sep21
Sun 12Sep21
Tue 14Sep21
Wed 15Sep21

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