Friday 07Jun19
Dance performance
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07 Jun
Santa Cruz
Teatro Guimerá
 Teatro Guimerá

The Festival de las Artes del Movimiento, FAM, presents this dance piece by Paloma Hurtado that tries to make recognisable the thousands of people who live in the streets, whom we cross every day and we do not even look back at them, we don’t even think about their reality.

Because we are beings who feel and I wish to believe that it makes us consistent. Because life is but a sigh like the one that leaves our lips in stormy days.

One night is enough to find ourselves in a parallel life where we learn that nothing lasts forever and that we’re all travelling to the same destination.

Being beyond appearances. What’s hiding under the layers of this onion? In there I find what i was seeking…you…a reflection of a self that completes me.

Creative Team

Creation and interpretation: Paloma Hurtado.

Music: “Ephimera 1-2” composition, guitar and percussion: David Minguillón, “Sabinosa”: Samuel Aguilar, voice Fabiola Socas, “Be the one you are”: composition, voice and lyrics: Roxane Arnal, solo guitar & percussion: David Minguillón, drums: Sebastian Laverde.

Texts and voice over: Paloma Hurtado

Voice recording: Juan Javier Rodríguez

Artistic intervention: Angharad Herrera.


Dates and Tickets
Santa Cruz
Teatro Guimerá
Teatro Guimerá
Fri 07Jun19

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