Monday 21Jan19
Grandes éxitos
A show starring Jorge Javier Vázquez
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01 Jan
Musical Theatre
 Auditorio de Tenerife

Jorge Javier Vázquez has accepted to make a record. But he has set out three conditions: it must be called Grandes éxitos [Greatest hits]; must be recorded in a theatre with live music and "she" must perform a duo with him. Who is “she"? She’s the famous singer Blanca del Bosque (played by Inés León) who has seen her career languish in the last few years because of her many addictions.

They were both friends but are not on speaking terms now. She went to the Sálvame set to make some money she needed and did not understand why Jorge Javier did not protect her from the terrible (and true) accusations made by other members of the show. They have been sworn enemies since. But they must now share the stage in a unique, frenzied and unrepeatable evening. Will they make up?

Grandes éxitos is a good-fun comedy written and directed by Juan Carlos Rubio, with the musical direction of Julio Awad and Federico Barrios’s choreography. There will also be 4 musicians playing live plus 4 versatile entertainers (Jorge Javier Vázquez, Inés León, Alejandro Vera and Bea Ros) to go over some of the best hits in history: great musicals, boleros, ballads and one or two songs to stand up and dance. A thrilling programme to make the audience understand that whatever problems there were in the past, true friendship always finds a way.

Dates and Tickets

Out of consideration for other users and the performers, this show is not available for children under 5.

Recomended age: 12 years or more. 

Musical Theatre
Auditorio de Tenerife
Mon 21Jan19

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