Sunday 20Sep20
Colectivo Lamajara premieres in the Canaries
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01 Jan
Santa Cruz
Espacio La Granja
 Espacio La Granja

The Colectivo Lamajara presents the result of their latest residency at collaborating centre Espacio La Granja,  an initiative included in the Festival de las Artes del Movimiento FAM Tenerife.

"Life consists of burning up questions”
Antonin Artaud

With pleasure, willingly, we let ourselves burn and invoke the unstable nature of things, bringing the image of a volcano as a metaphor for these thoughts. In times of explosions, the apparent balance rejects instability, which is, paradoxically, one of its means of expression…
What you see are thousands of times I bring in my body; what you see is not lava, it’s blood and faith… Feeling your skin burn to anticipate time. Coming undone and fearlessly transforming to be here together, in the burning questions, in recognising ourselves in the eyes of the other, in holding hands to feel that heat is origin and destiny. Red-hot, burning, life burns us.

Creative team

Concept and directors: Paloma Hurtado, Reinaldo Ribeiro y Daniel Rosado
Stage Director: Reinaldo Ribeiro
Dramaturgy y ojo externo: Arantza López
Choreography: Colectivo Lamajara and dancers
Performers: Igor Calonge, Milagros García, Paloma Hurtado,Daniel Morales and Daniel Rosado
Texts: Arantza López in collaboration with Colectivo Lamajara
Lighting design: Irene Cantero
Lighting assistant: Alfredo Díez-Umpiérrez
Original Music: Paloma Peñarrubia
Stage design: Luis Crespo
Costume design: Héctor León
Photography: Tristán Pérez-Martín and Luca Lorenzo Sala
Video: Tristán Pérez-Martín
Production: Lola Rodríguez
Distribution: Valeria Cosi

Dates and tickets

Access is only allowed to people over five years old.

The show is recommended for people over 12 years old.

Santa Cruz
Espacio La Granja
Espacio La Granja
Sun 20Sep20

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