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The outreach scheme Danza en Comunidad will put on stage a performance that includes more than 200 people of the different groups that take part in this initiative. Today, Friday the 15th, project coordinator Laura Marrero announced that the show titled La gran cita a ciegas [The Great Blind Date] will be performed on 7 June 2020.

The event was announced during the annual meeting of all the Danza en Comunidad groups, where they reviewed the activities carried out throughout the year. They have participated in quite a large number of festivals and events including the Mercado de las Artes Performativas del Atlántico Sur MAPAS, Muestra Internacional de Arte en la Calle Mueca, Festival de las Artes del Movimiento FAM, Festival de Artes Escénicas Telón Tenerife and the Despacio Market.

Next, the participants shared their perceptions with the Danza en Comunidad team, explaining how the group they belong to fits in the project, what the scheme has meant to them at an artistic level and the personal relationships they have built during these activities. “We’ll take into account all the opinions and draw conclusions of their experiences to seek ways to improve”, Laura Marrero revealed.

Those invited to the event are the heads of the different groups, artistic collaborators, festival and project programmers, people from the open call, participants of the Danza en Comunidad programme and the Auditorio de Tenerife team.

In these meetings they jointly develop the basis for the Auditorio de Tenerife to plan its activities throughout the year: programmes, the Creadores en Comunidad project, continuity activities, etc. This is a place to reflect, act, share, communicate; it is where dialogue, connections, interests come up.

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Auditorio de Tenerife organises this weekend the III Foro La Pedagogía se mueve  [3rd Pedagogy Moves Forum], through the Festival Internacional de las Artes del Movimiento FAM, which started this morning, Friday, the 8th with the participative workshop Diversidad actual [Current Diversity] by the Centro Coreográfico de La Gomera. You can still enrol for free via the website or coming to Auditorio de Tenerife directly.

The forum, whose motto this year is Ser cuerpo [Being a Body], provides a space to reflect and participate from the perspective of dance and movement art pedagogy.   The intention is to offer a space for dialogue where specific creative ideas and proposals can be contributed in addition to working on the possibility of including and making the most of them in all the spheres of education.

The forum coordinator, Helena Berthelius, welcomed the fifty participants, and told them that “we wish to practise the theory and theorise the practice of what we do at the forum”. “The idea is to enrich contemporary education with formal and non-formal tools and get movement to be present in classrooms”, Berthelius added. Regarding the motto, the expert explained that “we needed to go back to the origins and remember that we are bodies”.

One of the goals of the event is to find common ground, a conjunction of new approaches and achieve creative synergies. The forum is aimed at teachers, educational and cultural agents, pedagogues, communities, artists, associations, students and other people who are interested in the topics being dealt with.

Talks and workshops will go on tomorrow, Saturday, the 9th and will end on Sunday, the 10th with the show CloseEnough by Swedish company ZebraDans at Teatro Leal in La Laguna, which is part of the programme of the Festival de Artes Escénicas Telón Tenerife.

Among other activities, there will be a talk by Lisa Spets and My Gren, members of ZebraDans, who will share with us their experience of teaching dance since 1999 plus a practical workshop entitled ¿Cómo crear espacios de diálogo en el ámbito de la danza y las artes en movimiento?[How to create spaces for dialogue in the sphere of dance and the movement arts]

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Two Auditorio de Tenerife shows received four awards at the gala of the Premios Réplica de las Artes Escénicas de Canarias [Canary Islands Performing Arts Replica Awards] which was held on Monday, 4th in Agüimes. Eti-Queta, by TP Danza, took the award for best children’s show and the Lava’s piece, Abisal, won the Best Dance Show award; Best Costumes went to Leo Martínez and Lava’s artistic director, Daniel Abreu, landed the Best Sound Space award.

Daniel Abreu, Tenerife-born dancer and choreographer, National Dance Award and Lava’s artistic director says that “it’s a beautiful recognition” and points out that “Abisal, the piece created by Lava Compañía de Danza, won three out of four awards it was nominated for”. “We’re very happy and I thank the wonderful team that made Abisal possible”, said the author of the award-winning contemporary dance show.

In Abreu’s view, Abisal, premiered at the opening of Mapas 2019 last July, “contains everything I can express: geography, water among sediments and air, shadow, peace, and unimaginable fauna in a place that no human can inhabit but is evocative enough to place landscapes in it”. “Love’s what moves the world and every single movement of these six dancers goes in that direction because I can’t regard dance as anything other than love”, the creator affirmed.

TP Danza is Tenerife Danza’s Pedagogic Unit, a project coordinated by Helena Berthelius, who picked up the award that recognises the work “of an excellent team who collaborates and participates from a sensitive standpoint making a huge joint effort”. The author and director, who is leading the III Foro La pedagogía se mueve this weekend, stressed the importance of “producing family and educational projects”.

Eti-Queta starts at the inauguration of the first lab for people where they make prototypes with human qualities in search of perfection. Through labelling, different skills are proposed and put into practice. However, the result is a mystery. Intelligence at this lab, led by Master G and his central computer, has managed to create the most wonderful beings. They may not be able to control everything, though…

The Tenerife Danza project works on three areas: social, through Danza en Comunidad; didactic, through its Pedagogic Unit, and its company, TP Danza; plus a creative side provided by the professional training of Lava Compañía de Danza.

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The contemporary dance company resident at Auditorio de Tenerife, Lava, is giving its first international performance in Bremen, Germany on Wednesday, the 23rd. The group will dance at the Schwankhalle Theatre at 8:00 pm their first two pieces, Bending the Walls and Beyond, at the opening of the Festival Baila España 2019, organised by the city’s Instituto Cervantes.

The dancers are travelling to the German city with their assistant director Dácil González, who was recently awarded the Premio Nacional de Danza 2019 in the Performance category “because she has consistently and soundly delivered a seamless link between technique, emotion and communicative ability in her performances for more than 20 years”.

Bending the Walls is a production by Korzo Theater and the Nederlands Dans Theater, directed by the Spanish choreographer Fernando Hernando Magadan, artistic director at NDT2. It is an exploration on the world of restrictions and limitations in the search for happiness, freedom and understanding: the physical and psychological limits within the self and the surrounding world. It is a metaphor about the psychological, physical and emotional forces human beings can approach in order to reach beyond palpable reality, overcoming sorrow to escape into the world of the imagination.

On the other hand, Beyond, by the company La Intrusa, winner of Premio Nacional de Danza 2015, a creation by Virginia García and Damián Muñoz. The piece deals with the experience of searching through the emotional landscapes of memory, presenting a scenario full of uncertainties, which forces us to create or reflect on our own life and on the landscape that either consciously or unconsciously is shaped.

Lava’s calendar continues on 22 November at Teatro del Museo Universidad de Navarra with the same double bill, Bending the Walls and Beyond; on 1 December, they will be at Auditorio de Tenerife with two new creations by two choreographers, Hush, by Israeli Roy Assaf, and Yalacha, by Korean Dong Kyu Kim, within the Festival de Artes Escénicas Telón Tenerife; on 4 and 5 December both pieces will be premiered in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Lava is the artistic creation department of Tenerife Danza, under the Cabildo’s Instituto de Artes Escénicas. The company was set up in 2018 as resident at Auditorio de Tenerife with the aim of producing a new repertoire by creators of international scope and Tenerife dancer Daniel Abreu (Premio Nacional de Danza 2014) as artistic director.

The six dancers have a strong stage presence, are technically proficient and versatile to bring creations to life that share contemporary dance language plus other codes of the current artistic discourse. Physicality, poetry and commitment.

The company has a high-quality exclusive, original repertoire that is impeccably performed. It has already attracted a wide audience and is creating new ones through the experience of dance and its context.

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On Sunday, the 20th at 9:00 pm Auditorio de Tenerife’s  Sala de Cámara is hosting four shows - TrialBubbleExit and Young Blood - under the Extensión Tenerife de Masdanza, the Canary Islands International Contemporary Dance Festival.

Coming from Vietnam and the Low Countries, Trial is a 10-minute duet by choreographer Tu Hoang. In this duo, complexity and synchrony seem inseparable as the two men move together in harmony. The fast impulses and the detailed movements of the hands follow one another swiftly in this crystalline presentation. They seem to agree homogeneously and peacefully. However, small tense gestures and actions suggest underlying friction.

Bubble takes shape in Israel and South Korea. It is a 15-minute piece by Jinhwan Seok performed by Lea Bessoudo, Tristan Carter, Jinhwan Seok with music by Bob Dylan that ponders on a lost bubble that they all miss, reminding us of “our indecision, our strange orbit and the gravity that brought us together and pushed us towards the Earth to be more humane”.

Mengbo Li and Xingxing Gong lead Exit, a piece that runs for 11 minutes created by Gong. It is part of the concept of soul, the starting point for the Chinese creator’s work: “Only a free soul is capable of transforming the environment. The body that loses its free will is the rebellion of the body against the soul and the uncontrollable nature of the soul against the body. When the body cannot be controlled, it is the soul the one that chooses to leave the body. That moment is the true meaning of death”.

The programme closes with a Catalonian 13-minute piece, Young Blood, created by Arnau Pérez de la Fuente, who leads the group that includes Maddi Ruiz de Loizaga and Adrián Manzano Borrego. This show is about a generation of young people who are full of energy, creativity and are involved in creating new paths that they cannot follow because of the spirit of society.

The Extensión Tenerife will also perform at Teatro Victoria, where they are putting on a selection of solo pieces on Sunday at 7:00 pm and Monday the 21st at 9:00 pm.

Tickets are available through the usual sale channels of Auditorio de Tenerife: at the box office, from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm, Monday to Saturday, via  or calling  902 317 327.

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Dácil González the assistant director of Tenerife dance company Lava took today, Monday the 7th, the Premio Nacional de Danza en Interpretación 2019 [National Dance Award for Performance]. The dancer is the right-hand person of Daniel Abreu, who won the Premio Nacional de Danza in 2014 and is the artistic director of this company resident at Auditorio de Tenerife. She was granted the award “because she has consistently and soundly delivered a seamless link between technique, emotion and communicative ability in her performances for more than 20 years”.

The jury, who gave the prize for the Creation category to Estévez/Paños y Compañía, has highlighted her performance in La desnudez, the latest work by Compañía Daniel Abreu, a company she is part of. “This piece underlines her splendid performer profile which she works on through perseverance and commitment”, the committee states in their report.

“Through her career we can glimpse at the history of contemporary dance made in Spain”, the jury stressed. These awards are granted every year by the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Government of Spain and come with a 30,000-euro cash prize each.

Dácil González usually collaborates with the Tenerife dancer and creator Daniel Abreu and has worked with him in shows like Equilibrio (2010), Animal (2011), Silencio (2013), Venere (2015) and La desnudez (2017). Since 2018 she has been working side by side with Abreu at the artistic direction of Tenerife company Lava.

Having started her training with Julián Brandon and María Eulate, the Canarian dancer graduated in the specialities of Choreography and Performance Techniques. She has lived and worked in Madrid since 1996 where she has carried out most of her dance career, taking part in companies like 10&10 danza -directed by Mónica Runde and Pedro Berdäyes-, where she started to work in 1998; La Piel Danza, directed by José Reches; Larumbe Danza and Els Visitants Compañía de Teatre, among others.

Abroad, she has danced for the Staatstheater Darmstadt directed by Mei Hong Lin and has also taken part in different operas and some films such as El otro lado de la cama, with a choreography by Pedro Berdäyes, and Pasos de baile, directed by John Malkovich. As choreographer, her works include Solo de momentoCuando digo una palabra (created with Gustavo Martín), a collaboration with the company Maltrago Teatro for the show La niña sin muelas, and the production It, created with Gustavo Martín and Jesús Caramés with the group they started and have codirected since 2009, LA. Otra Compañía Danza.

Dácil González is currently working in the premiere of two new pieces by Lava, choreographed by Israeli Roy Assaf and Korean Dong Kyu Kim, to take place at 7:00 pm on 1 December at Auditorio de Tenerife’s Sala Sinfónica as part of the Festival de Artes Escénicas Telón Tenerife [Telón Tenerife Performing Arts Festival].

Tickets can be purchased via the usual sale channels of Auditorio de Tenerife, at the box office from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm, Monday to Saturday except holidays; on and or by phone on 902 317 327.

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