The Ballet of Grand Théâtre De Genève is landing on the island next weekend to put on the legend Tristan and Isolde on Saturday, 2 February and Sunday, 3 at 7:30 pm at Sala Sinfónica in Auditorio de Tenerife. When it was premiered, the show was awarded the Critics’s Great Prize for Best Dance show granted by the Paris Professional Critics Association.

Nine technicians and 24 dancers of the company are travelling to Tenerife for this performance. The prestigious company turns this love story between a young man and a princess into a visual show. The story is part of the literary Arthurian legends which Richard Wagner turned into an opera in the 19th century. This version starts from compositions recorded by the German genius for a staging where its two protagonists fly thanks to a pulley and ropes system.

The choreographer of the show, who is also a dancer, Joëlle Bouvier, employs an oneiric and metaphorical language to deal with the main themes: love, disturbed love, betrayal, resentment and forgiveness. “…some simple wooden planks recall the forest, a wall or a room and the great iridescent blue pieces of fabric that move evoke sea waves… All these stage elements suggest rather than show”, the artist explains.

A great mobile spiral staircase, wooden rods and light bars are also elements of the stage design. With this version of Tristan and Isolde Bouvier, founder of the L'Esquisse company in 1980, once again explores an iconic piece of Wagner’s music after her version of Romeo and Juliet. She now displays on stage moments of rupture as hatred rubs shoulders with the flames of extreme passion.

The leading characters in Tristan and Isolde are two lovers: a princess, played by Madeline Wong, and a young man performed by Geoffrey Van Dyck. She is engaged to King Mark, interpreted by Armando Gonzalez Besa, and has a confidant, the Witness, danced by Sara Shigenari. Other dancers include Yumi Aizawa, Céline Allain, Ornella Capece, Angèle Cartier, Diana Duarte, Léa Mercurol, Tiffany Pacheco, Mohana Rapin, Lysandra van Heesewijk, Valentino Bertolini, Adelson Carlos, Andrei Cozlac, Xavier Juyon, Juan Perez, Zachary Clark, Simone Repele, Sasha Riva and Nahuel Vega.

Tickets  for both performances can be purchased at Auditorio de Tenerife box office from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm, Monday to Saturday, on  in this link or calling 902 317 327.