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Sinfónica and the Auditorio de Tenerife’s first activity after lockdown Mahler’s Titan was so well-received that tickets sold out, prompting the Cabildo to stage a second performance on Saturday, the 20th. Tickets are out on sale from today, Monday the 15th. The concerts, conducted by Víctor Pablo Pérez, will be at 7:30 pm on Friday and Saturday at Auditorio de Tenerife’s Sala Sinfónica. The orchestra will perform with a reduced number of musicians to comply with the current safety regulations.

The Department of Culture, Education, Youth and Sport of the Cabildo de Tenerife, led by Councillor Concepción Rivero, pointed out that in view of the current safety measures, these concerts will seat 188 people each and the audience is asked to arrive one hour before the concert starts. Tickets for Saturday concert are on sale, for paired seats, from 11:00 am today on Auditorio de Tenerife website and on phone number 902 31 73 27, at five euros per ticket. Just one seat or an odd number of seats can only be booked by telephone.

The new safety measures include, apart from reducing the number of seats available, entering and leaving the auditorium gradually and guided by Auditorio staff; compulsory use of masks, taking the audience temperature, and no intermission, among others. There are also different signs in the building. Buyers will be fully informed about all these measures before the concerts. You can also see them on Auditorio de Tenerife’s website.

GastroMag coffee bar is opening on Thursday, the 18th with all the applicable safety and hygiene measures in place. Auditorio de Tenerife car park is also available for these concerts and the box office opening hours are Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm by appointment only, which you can make on  // or by calling 922 56 86 25. The shop remains closed.

The show is approximately one hour long, and Cabildo de Tenerife’s Orchestra picks up their last performance by starting with the Aria of Suite nº 3 in D major, BWV 1068 by Johann Sebastian Bach, which they played on 20 February before the lockdown. Next they will play Gustav Mahler’s Symphony nº 1 in D major, Titan, for chamber orchestra arranged by Iain Farrington.

The honorary conductor of the Tenerife ensemble, Víctor Pablo Pérez, studied at the Real Conservatorio de Música de Madrid and at Hochschule für Musik in Munich. From 1980 to 1988 he was artistic director and principal conductor of the Sinfónica de Asturias and from 1986 to 2005 of the Sinfónica de Tenerife. In 1993 he took charge of the Sinfónica de Galicia until 2013, when he joined the Orquesta y Coro de la Comunidad de Madrid as artistic director and principal conductor. He has been artistic director of the Joven Orquesta de Canarias since 2017. This ensemble is made up of young musicians from all the archipelago.

He has received numerous awards: Premio Ojo Crítico de Radio Nacional de España (1990), Premio Ondas (1992 and 1996), Premio Nacional de Música (1995), Medalla de Oro a las Bellas Artes (1999), Honorary Conductor of Sinfónica de Tenerife (2006), Honorary Conductor of Sinfónica de Galicia (2013), Hijo Adoptivo de Tenerife and Medalla de Oro del Gobierno de Canarias. Apart from conducting nearly all the Spanish orchestras, Víctor Pablo Pérez is also invited by international ensembles and he often takes part in major international festivals.

The repertoire starts with the Aria of the Orchestral Suite nº3 by Johann Sebastian Bach (Eisenach, 1685 – Leipzig 1750), one of the most recognised pieces by the Baroque composer. It is an adagio alla italiana in contrast with the French style of the first movement of the suite. It is part of a succession of dances of the period with different origins and characteristics and divided by undanceable fragments. Although the original score includes some wind instruments -oboes and trumpets-, strings feature more significantly, which explains why arrangements for strings only have become popular. 

Gustav Mahler’s Symphony nº 1 (Kaliste, 1860 – Vienna 1911) has a pre-Romantic foundation, in fact, it is based on the writings of Jean Paul Richter about the deeds of a hero who manages to rise above his alter ego thanks to his imagination, inner peace and the force of nature. Mahler was captivated by his lines and composed his Symphony nº 1, which he presented in Budapest on 20 November 1889. It was first a symphonic poem in two sections with descriptive titles in five movements (including the well-known Blumine, which he later removed). After revising the score, in 1897 he finished the current four-movement version.

Mahler expresses different emotions both related to his experience of nature and to certain autobiographical matters. In fact, the beginning suggests a somewhat mysterious summer dawn, depicting the early sunrays with a pianissimo drone in the strings. Some of the most relevant features of his musical style are present in this piece, including the free, expressive use of musical forms, and fanfares, marches or popular dances.


19th of june: Titán de Mahler

26th of june: Divertimento

3th of july: Serenata nocturna

10th of july: Séptima de Bruckner

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The Department of Culture, Education, Youth and Sport of the Cabildo de Tenerife, led by councillor Concepción Rivero, restarts its stage activity with four concerts by the Orquesta Sinfónica in the Auditorio de Tenerife, to take place on 19 and 26 June and 3 and 10 July. It is an extraordinary programme with a reduced group of some twenty musicians led in two occasions by Víctor Pablo Pérez, honorary conductor of the Sinfónica, and twice by David Ballesteros, leader of the orchestra and conductor.

These concerts will be held once the safety and hygiene measures have been implemented both for the audience and the workers so that this artistic experience can be enjoyed while safety is absolutely guaranteed. They will all be held at Auditorio de Tenerife’s Sala Sinfónica and start at 7:30 pm, although the public is kindly asked to come one hour earlier. Tickets cost five euros.

Tickets will be on sale from Saturday, the 13th in pairs on Auditorio de Tenerife’s website and on 902 31 73 27. If you wish to buy just one seat or an odd number of seats you can do it at the box office by appointment only. Please  make your appointment on www.auditoriodetenerife/contactar or call 922 56 86 25 so you can be served at the box office or by telephone. Tickets will be on sale up to two hours before the concert starts. Tickets will be available to Sinfónica de Tenerife subscribers two days earlier than for the general public.

The first programme is about one hour long and it starts with five minutes of Johann Sebastian Bach and his Aria of Suite nº 3 in D major, BWV 1068, picking up Sinfónica’s last concert on 20 February, when they played this work under the baton of  José Manuel Zapata. The orchestra will then play Symphony nº 1 in D major, Titan, for chamber orchestra, arranged by Iain Farrington so that Gustav Mahler can be enjoyed in this era of small ensembles. These pieces will be conducted by Víctor Pablo Pérez.

There are 188 seats on sale now, as the island is currently in Phase 3 of the national de-escalation and seats must be two metres apart. The new safety measures include, in addition to admitting fewer people, coming in and going out of the auditorium gradually and guided by Auditorio staff, compulsory use of masks, taking the temperature of users and no intermissions, among others. There will be different signs in the building too. Buyers will be informed before the concert of all these measures. You can also see the information on Auditorio de Tenerife website.

The GastroMag coffee bar will open the day before the first concert and will apply all the appropriate safety and hygiene measures. Auditorio de Tenerife’s car park is also available for these concerts. Please remember the box office is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm by appointment only. The shop is currently closed.

The second concert of this extraordinary programme by Sinfónica de Tenerife will be held on 26 June, featuring David Ballesteros as leader of the orchestra and conductor, and including works by Holst, Grieg, Puccini and Mozart. The same conductor will lead the orchestra on 3 July, when they will play pieces by Haydn, Bach and Mozart. In the last extraordinary concert, under Víctor Pablo Pérez, they will play Bruckner’s Seventh Symphony. The conductor, Medalla de Oro de Canarias [Canaries Gold Medal], had led Sinfónica de Tenerife performing this piece in the past but never as a reduced ensemble: this is new to both of them.


19th of June : Titán de Mahler

26th of June: Divertimento

3th of July: Serenata nocturna

10 of July: Séptima de Bruckner


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Auditorio de Tenerife is reopening its box office tomorrow [Tuesday, 9 June] by appointment and using new safety measures to make it safe to all the users. The main goal of reopening, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday to Friday, is to refund the money paid for the tickets of cancelled events which were sold either at the box office or by telephone. Tickets purchased via the website are gradually being refunded.

To come to the Auditorio de Tenerife facilities, you can book a 15-minute appointment as from today [Monday, the 8th] via the website or by calling 922 56 86 11, where we will also answer any queries you may have regarding this procedure, rescheduling or cancellation of the shows. The same person who provided his/her details when buying the tickets is the one that must come in person to deal with the refund procedure.

Make an appointment

If you wish to arrange your appointment online, please find all the steps here to make it even easier for you.

The measures implemented by the Auditorio de Tenerife to offer safety to users during this operation are as follows:

- By appointment to avoid a mass gatherings and waiting.

- Entry and exit corridors with safety distance marks.

- Hygienic desks with hydroalcoholic gel

- Screens separating users from workers, who are wearing masks and gloves.

Users are kindly asked to be punctual, responsible and to wear a mask.

The building that houses this Cabildo institution is gradually getting back to normal and some workers, who cannot do their job from home, have returned. The whole team is focused on implementing the new prevention, hygiene, and safety measures so that the building is ready for work with absolute guarantee. Although the shows that were scheduled until 31 August have been cancelled, we have not fully discounted the possibility of new shows designed for the current circumstances.

Auditorio de Tenerife’s social networks keep sharing contents about our projects and have also now started to show animated videos about some of the measures to be taken ahead of the much hoped-for reopening.


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... el arquitecto Santiago Calatrava se inspiró en el ojo humano para el diseño del icónico edificio de #AuditoriodeTenerife?

... el órgano de la Sala Sinfónica de #AuditoriodeTenerife está compuesto por 3835 tubos?
Construido por el maestro organero Albert Blancafort dos años después que la sala, es una pieza única en el mundo.

... el ala del #AuditoriodeTenerife mide 130 metros de largo de los que 62 no tienen apoyo alguno?

... la caja escénica de la Sala Sinfónica de #AuditoriodeTenerife es la más grande de Canarias?

Cuenta con una superficie de 380 m2, una boca de aproximadamente 16 metros de ancho y 10 de alto, y una profundidad de 14 metros.

... el #AuditoriodeTenerife es también un espacio con mil posibilidades para las localizaciones de cualquier tipo de producción?

Películas como 'Rambo V: Last Blood', series como la británica 'Doctor Who', o videoclips musicales, como el de la canción 'Universo' de Blas Cantó recogen en sus fotogramas la icónica silueta de nuestro edificio.
El tinerfeño Yeray Vargas realizó recientemente una serie de espectaculares fotomontajes en los que integra algunas de las escenas más conocidas del mundo del cine con los exteriores del Auditorio.

... más de 50 paneles cubren el techo de nuestra Sala Sinfónica?

Su estructura metálica interna permite mover los paneles libremente y variar así la acústica de la sala, adaptándose a las necesidades y características técnicas de cada tipo de espectáculo.

... nuestra Sala de Cámara es un pequeño anfiteatro de acústica excepcional?

El sonido producido en el escenario es transportado por la estructura de madera y yeso que conforma el techo, dirigiéndolo hacia el final de la sala donde se encuentran los paneles de madera que hacen que el sonido se amplifique.

... en Auditorio de Tenerife conviven dos terrazas que, dibujando ligeras curvas simétricas, abrazan la Sala Sinfónica ofreciendo un paseo alrededor del edificio?

Se trata de la Terraza Ciudad, de personalidad claramente urbana y con vistas al centro de Santa Cruz, y la Terraza Atlántico, con vistas al mar, más serena y espiritual.

... puedes hacer una visita virtual por todos los rincones de Auditorio de Tenerife?



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Auditorio de Tenerife, part of the Department of Culture, Education, Youth and Sport of the Cabildo de Tenerife, keeps working with the specialization academy Opera(e)Studio, which has made changes in its usual calendar. The current situation and its consequences in terms of safety and international mobility have led to the relocation of the auditions and the staging of the eighth opera, which is co-produced with Teatro Regio di Parma and Teatro Massimo di Palermo.

The auditions were meant to take place between 11 and 19 May 2020 in the Spanish municipalities of Madrid and Santa Cruz de Tenerife and in the Italian cities of Parma and Palermo. We are currently trying to find the best date at the end of the present year to carry out these tests safely and with all the health and quality guarantees for participating singers.

Therefore, the calendar of this Ópera de Tenerife programme has changed. The production of Il matrimonio segreto by Domenico Cimarosa, that was scheduled for October 2020, will now take place in the first quarter of 2021, provided that this exceptional situation allows it. Later, the production and the same cast will travel to the two co-producing theatres.

Although the registration deadline was on 19 April, Ópera de Tenerife announced registration is to be kept open. In fact, with the aim of offering the best options to interested artists, the registration period is extended until further notice. The audition dates will be published as soon as possible on the programme’s website

All those who are already registered will individually receive this information on their email. If candidates have any doubts or need further information they can write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Ópera de Tenerife thanks you for your support and understanding in this complex situation.

This programme for young artists aims to provide highly specialised training in the international opera field while also acting as a showcase and springboard for many of the singers. In past years candidates from more than 24 countries have taken part in the auditions. Ópera (e)Studio also shows the technical production work done at Auditorio de Tenerife, which in 2019 and 2020 was recognised by the European Commission’s Creative Europe programme which reflects its development, sustainability, job creation and training.

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The complications arising from the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic have finally led to the cancellation of MAPAS 2020 [South Atlantic Performative Arts Market] despite the effort made by the organisers Cabildo de Tenerife, unahoramenos and Circulart. The event was scheduled to take place from 8 to 11 July in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Despite the great expectation created at the beginning of the year, the organisers have decided to put the event off as the health and well-being of participants, artist groups, and cultural programmers, who come mostly from foreign countries, as well as that of Tenerife residents, is above other matters. The call issued in early 2020 recorded 2,286 proposals from 71 countries across Latin America, Africa and southern Europe, which means a 161,56% increase over 2019. This figure foreshadowed a major qualitative leap for this year market.

As a cultural project that bases its activity on the mobility of programmers and artists showing at international circuits, MAPAS wants to keep this method of work and contact with the performing arts and music sectors. So, it will carry on communicating via its social networks all the news that are relevant to the community it represents.

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Remember that beautiful production of La Traviata that we took to La Laguna, Garachico, Puerto de la Cruz and Adeje? We can’t get it off our mind either. As it’s been impossible to see it again this year, we thought we’d bring it to you in a different way. So, this includes greatest moments and curiosities about the costumes and stage design. On 22 and 23 May we released a special La Traviata programme that includes a 45-minute selection of the best scenes of this special title. Enjoy it!


Would you like to learn more about this Opera Pocket show? Paolo V. Montanari, Ópera de Tenerife production crew, Jorge Cabrera, Technical Production Manager at Auditorio de Tenerife La Traviata set designer, and Javier Caraballero, La Traviata costume designer



To find out what this title meant to Ópera de Tenerife we decided to talk to two key professionals involved in the production: Alessandro Palumbo, musical director, and Alejandro Abrante, stage director. Listen to the conversation here:


Also, here’s the evocative prelude that set the scene for the main character. We didn’t want you to miss out on the way we presented this initiative for the first time, in style!


Here go some photographs of this genuinely Verdi production:


  • 2018 La Traviata4 Paraninfo
  • 2018 La Traviata10 Paraninfo
  • 2018 La Traviata2 Paraninfo
  • 2018 La Traviata3 Paraninfo
  • 2018 La Traviata5 Paraninfo
  • 2018 La Traviata6 Paraninfo
  • 2018 La Traviata7 Paraninfo
  • 2018 La Traviata8 Paraninfo
  • 2018 La Traviata9 Paraninfo
  • 2018 La Traviata Paraninfo

    We’ll upload more contents this week but you can now enjoy the contents that we’ve prepared for you on our social networks and our Youtube channel. If you like, sign up for our newsletter and get all the contents and more in your inbox.

    Take care =)

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    ¡Feliz Día Internaciona de la Familia!

    Para Auditorio de Tenerife las familias son fundamentales. Por eso, tratamos de implicarlas en nuestros proyectos todo lo posible. Nuestra Área Social y Educativa siempre cuenta con los 'papis', 'mamis' y tutores para que estén al tanto y participen de todo lo que hacen sus 'peques' con nosotros. Es cierto que ahora mismo no podemos vernos pero eso no quita para que te hayamos preparado una sorpresa para hoy: queremos que hagas un instrumento en familia y lo hagas sonar, reviviendo nuestro Hansel y Gretel de Handel.

    Despierta tu imaginación para crear y decorar libremente tus propios instrumentos cotidiáfonos, que son aquellos realizados con materiales u objetos cotidianos. El realizarlo cumple con varias funciones: reutilizas, elaboras manualidades y disfrutarsde un buen rato musical. Puedes utilizar directamente elementos como dos lápices o dos cucharas de madera para tocar a modo de claves, aunque decorados estarán mucho más bonitos.

    También puedes realizar unas maracas, tan solo necesitas:

    • • Un envase vacío (botellas de agua, yogur líquido…).
    • • Unos elementos pequeños que puedas introducir (botones, arroz, garbanzos…).
    • • Una tapa, para que no se salgan al agitarlos, ésta puede ser la misma tapa del envase o utilizar papel y cinta adhesiva.

    Ahora, haz sonar esta partitura con tu propio intrumento o con las palmas. Aquí tienes la sencilla partitura

    Descarga la partitura


    En este vídeo te explicamos de primera mano nuestra propuesta y te ayudamos a hacer sonar la partitura. ¡Que te diviertas!


    Pero el Día Internacional de la Familia no acaba aquí: desde las Escuelas de Teatro han preparado multitud de vídeos con mensajes positivos para este día. Te mostramos dos de ellos para que comaprtas con nosotros la alegría de seguir conectados.


    Aquí tenemos a Attenery, que ha adaptado su novela favorita para niños y niñas con TEA.


    Los alumnos adultos de la escuela de La Laguna se han unido para leernos unos versos de Mario Benedetti.

    Esperamos que estos vídeos te hayan inspirado. Puedes disfrutar de los contenidos que hemos ido creando para ti en nuestras redes sociales y nuestro canal de Youtube. Y si quieres puedes también suscribirte a nuestro boletín un poco más abajo en esta página y recibir todos estos contenidos y más en tu email.

    Sigue cuidándote ♥

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    El Área de Cultura, Juventud, Educación y Deportes del Cabildo de Tenerife, al frente de la cual se encuentra la consejera Concepción Rivero, suspende toda la actividad cultural prevista para los próximos meses y reorganiza toda la programación para hacerla coincidir con los pasos de desescalada que se dicten desde el Gobierno de España.

    De esta manera, dicha dirección insular viene trabajando, juntamente con los gerentes y las direcciones artísticas de las diferentes unidades, desde el pasado 15 de marzo en la reorganización de toda la producción propia de actividades artísticas. Las medidas de confinamiento emitidas por el Gobierno nacional han obligado a reprogramar toda la actividad planeada hasta el 31 de diciembre, además de cancelar o suspender todos los proyectos que estaba previsto realizar hasta el 31 de agosto.

    “Estas cancelaciones no suponen, en ningún caso, una disminución de la carga de trabajo de esas entidades de producción. Además de las labores propias de esta nueva realidad, los trabajadores y trabajadoras de todas ellas están realizando un ingente trabajo de elaboración de materiales audiovisuales para sus páginas web y redes sociales, mejorando los procesos de trabajo internos, actualizando los departamentos de archivo y documentación y elaborando planes de mejora”, ha indicado el director insular de Cultura, Leopoldo Santos, quien, además ha apuntado que “aquellas personas que hubieran adquirido entradas para los espectáculos cancelados o tuvieran abonos recibirán la devolución del coste total de la localidad o de la proporción del abono en los plazos y periodos que cada centro establezca”.

    “La actividad cultural se irá adaptando a las diferentes fases y los aforos permitidos en cada uno de ellas para poder abrir los espacios culturales. No obstante, todos los organismos dependientes del área se mantendrán en atención pues no existe aún calendario de fechas previstas”, ha concluido Santos Elorrieta quien apuntó “que en el caso de Auditorio de Tenerife y Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife se establece la fecha del 25 de junio como primer horizonte para reanudar la actividad pública”.

    Entre los proyectos cancelados se encuentra MAPAS, un evento que contaba con la participación de compañías, programadores y críticos de Europa, América y África. De la misma manera, tampoco podrá celebrarse La tabernera de puerto, la zarzuela de Ópera de Tenerife prevista para el mes de junio. Otros eventos, sin embargo, se han suspendido a la espera de encontrar nuevas fechas en el último cuatrimestre del año, como el FAM Festival de las Artes del Movimiento, MEI Muestra Escénica Iberoamericana, etcétera- En estos casos la reprogramación deberá considerar las restricciones que en su caso se establezcan, pero Auditorio de Tenerife contará preferentemente con artistas y creadores de Tenerife y de Canarias.

    Por su parte, la Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife da por cancelada la temporada de abono y se vuelca ahora en la producción de materiales audiovisuales para sus redes sociales y en la adaptación de la programación 2020-2021 a las circunstancias actuales.

    Toda la información en cuanto al estado de los espectáculos y la forma de devolución de las entradas se puede consultar en las páginas web y, además de las redes sociales de ambas unidades artísticas del Cabildo.

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    Auditorio de Tenerife wishes you a Happy International Dance Day 2020 and shares with you this tribute to the island’s dance schools that every year hold a great festival with us at the foyer and on the grounds of our building. There’s room for all ages, styles and, of course, the family.

    We hope you enjoy it :)



    This year the official message of Dance International Day, designated by UNESCO in 1986, is from Gregory Vuyani Maqoma, a South African dancer, choreographer, teacher and actor and founder of the Vuyani Dance Theatre. We echo his words so that his voice is heard as far as possible:


    300xdanzadianoticiaIt was during an interview I had recently that I had to think deeply about dance, what does it mean to me? In my response, I had to look into my journey, and I realized that it was all about purpose and each day presents a new challenge that needs to be confronted, and it is through dance that I try to make sense of the world.

    We are leaving through unimaginable tragedies, in a time that I could best describe as the posthuman era. More than ever, we need to dance with purpose, to remind the world that humanity still exists. Purpose and empathy need to prevail over years and years of undeniable virtual landscape of dissolution that has given rise to a catharsis of universal grief conquering the sadness, the hard reality that continues to permeate the living confronted by death, rejection and poverty. Our dance must more than ever give a strong signal to the world leaders and those entrusted with safeguarding and improving human conditions that we are an army of furious thinkers, and our purpose is one that strives to change the world one step at a time. Dance is freedom, and through our found freedom, we must free others from the entrapments they face in different corners of the world. Dance is not political but becomes political because it caries in its fibre a human connection and therefore responds to circumstances in its attempt to restore human dignity.

    As we dance with our bodies, tumbling in space and tangling together, we become a force of movement weaving hearts, touching souls and providing healing that is so desperately needed. And purpose becomes a single hydra-headed, invincible and indivisible dance. All we need now is to dance some more!!!!


    If you’d like to see more remember that we have many more contents for you on our social networks and Youtube channel. If you wish, you can also sing up to Our newsletter below and get all our contents and more on your email.

    Long live dance!

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    Check last information about how to participate in Opera (e)Studio


    Ópera de Tenerife, ante la situación extraordinaria y de emergencia de salud en la que se encuentra el mundo y dadas las restricciones de movilidad vigentes en toda Europa, está analizando la mejor solución para llevar a cabo las audiciones de Opera Estudio 2020. 

    Así pues, con la intención de facilitar siempre las mejores opciones a los artistas interesados y que no se perjudique a nadie por la presente situación, los detalles del formato de selección se comunicarán en breve. Por ello, el plazo de inscripción queda abierto hasta nuevo aviso.  

    No obstante, a pesar de todos los inconvenientes que el mundo de la lírica está viviendo en este momento, animamos a todos los artistas interesados a que, con ilusión y esperanza afrontemos el futuro en el que la música y su manifestación artística más grande que la civilización occidental haya podido dar: la ópera, continúe con mayor fuerza y hegemonía.  Les esperamos en Ópera de Tenerife, y les damos las gracias por su comprensión y apoyo ante esta situación compleja y difícil que nos ha tocado vivir. 

    * En caso de suspensión o cancelación de las audiciones por motivos de fuerza mayor, se pondrán todos los medios para intentar organizar audiciones en otras fechas y se devolverá el dinero de la inscripción a los candidatos que no puedan presentarse si se produjera un cambio.

     In view of the present extraordinary emergency worldwide health situation, and given the mobility restrictions in force throughout Europe, Ópera de Tenerife is analyzing the best solution to carry out the Opera (e)Studio 2020 auditions.  

    Hence, with the intent of providing the best options to interested artists, and to avoid discriminating anyone by the present situation, details of the selection process will be communicated 
    shortly. Therefore, the registration period will remain open until further notice. 

    Despite all the problems that the world of opera is experiencing at the moment, we encourage all interested artists to face the future with hope and enthusiasm, in which musicand its greatest artistic manifestation that Western civilization has created, opera, continues with greater strength and hegemony.  We wait for you at Ópera de Tenerife, and we thank you for your understanding and support in the face of this difficult situation that we are all living through. 

    * Should auditions be suspended or cancelled due to force majeure, all efforts will be made to reschedule them, and the registration fee will be refunded to candidates who cannot reschedule their audition on the new dates.

    Opéra de Tenerife, di fronte alla situazione straordinaria di emergenza sanitaria in corso in tutto il mondo, e date le restrizioni di spostamento in tutta Europa, sta analizzando la soluzione migliore per portare a termine le audizioni di Opéra estudio 2020. 

    Pertanto, con lo scopo di facilitare con le migliori opzioni gli artisti interessati, e perché nessuno venga danneggiato nella presente situazione, i dettagli del nuovo formato di selezione verranno comunicati in breve. Perciò la raccolta delle iscrizioni rimane aperta fino a nuovo avviso.  

    Nonostante la situazione e gli inconvenienti che sta vivendo la lirica in questi momenti, invitiamo tutti gli interessati ad affrontare con la massima speranza il futuro dell’opera lirica, massima espressione della civiltà occidentale, perché continui a vivere con maggior forza. Vi aspettiamo a Opera di Tenerife e vi ringraziamo per la comprensione e appoggio di fronte a questa situazione difficile in cui dobbiamo vivere. 

    *Nel caso che le audizioni debbano essere sospese o cancellate per cause di forza maggiore, si cercherà di riprogrammarle in altre date e si restituirà la quota di iscrizione ai candidati che non possano presentarsi nelle nuove date.

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    Saturday 25 April was the date we had chosen to show our Rinaldo to you all, an Ópera de Tenerife in-house production that we had put together to be enjoyed by all the family, as well as by schoolchildren on 23 April. We had to put off our meeting, but we didn’t want to let these days go by without paying tribute to this production, which was premiered in 2016 and where so many, many people have worked.

    First of all, we’d like you to travel to Rinaldo oneiric world with this sample of the show:


    Pay attention to the details: the floor is a chessboard, there is a Medieval castle, a Viking boat that sails through mid-air, the black and white contrast, a journey across the clouds…

    • Rinaldo1
    • Rinaldo10
    • Rinaldo2
    • Rinaldo4
    • Rinaldo3
    • Rinaldo5
    • Rinaldo6
    • Rinaldo7
    • Rinaldo8
    • Rinaldo9

      We’ve opted for focusing on the characters, that’s why the make-up artist, costume designer and dressmaker, who made the ideas of director Stefania Panighini become a reality, tell us about them here. 


      How is this world staged? Stage director Stefania Panighini and musical director, Alesandro Palumbo told us all about it at a digital meeting we had during lockdown.


      Now that you know our Rinaldo well, we invite you to share it with your kids at home. Here are the teaching resources where you’ll find a lot of materials and fun activities about this family opera.

      Download the teaching resources

      1.Play Rinaldo’s most famous aria with the recorder.

      Download the score

      2. Find the words in these word search games.

      Download the word search game voices

      Download the word search game composers

      3.Colour the protagonists.

       Download Rinaldo to colour

      Download Almirena to colour


      Finally, we’d like to share with you something that brings us together to adapt operas for the youngest: the Ópera en Familia programme.


      We hope you had a good time. Remember we have many more contents for you  on our  social network and our  Youtube channel. If you like, you can also sign up to our newsletter below and get all these contents and more on your mail.

      We’ll meet again soon!

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