Friday 28Jun19
The Way
Cello and marimba concerto
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01 Jan
55 min.
 Auditorio de Tenerife

With two records out and a ten-year career, Socos Dúo new work has just come out: The way. Inspired by the concept of path, they see their music as a route, a journey starting off at the first note and not stopping in time, taking up a sound space that aims at trapping the audience and share with them sensations and emotions.

True to their innovative style, they have produced a repertoire with influences ranging from ancestral to modern. In this album, they have included electronic sounds that blend in with their characteristic sonority marked by the marimba and the cello. Also, this time they have the collaboration of (among others) Matthijs Kieboom, a Dutch composer specialising in film music, who is in charge of the musical production of the project.

Socos Dúo is made up by César Martín García (marimba) and Ciro Hernández Perdigón (cello).

Socos Dúo No juncture for illusions
Socos Dúo fear is not the way
Socos Dúo empty space for nothing
Socos Dúo feelings accomplished
Socos Dúo time, desire, words
Socos Dúo you, me, now
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Children aged under 5 years are not allowed in this show.

Auditorio de Tenerife
Fri 28Jun19

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