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The story of the cruel princess Turandot
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01 Jan 00:00 h.
 Ópera de Tenerife (Sala Sinfónica)

The Far East is the place chosen by Puccini to set what was to be his posthumous work. His last composition was so beautiful that many of his arias, like ‘Nessun dorma’, ‘In questa reggia’ o ‘Signore, ascolta’, have gone beyond opera stages to become part of popular culture.  

The unfinished opera of the Tuscan composer is based on a Persian poem. It tells the story of the cruel princess Turandot, who had decided she would only marry the man who answered the three questions she asked. Otherwise, the candidate would die. A succession of challenges, promises, and revenges lead to a surprising happy end that was not composed by the maestro.

This production is the first for Ópera de Tenerife of Milan maestro Giampaolo Bisanti, musical director of the Petruzzelli de Bari Foundation since November 2016. His performances credit him as one of the best talents in his generation, not only because he works with a wide opera and symphony repertoire but also because he has a special sensitivity with organic and orchestral voices. Tenerife-born Leo Martínez is in charge of costume. His work, after being involved in the costume design world for more than four decades, guarantees success in such a visual production.

Musical Director: Giampaolo Bisanti

Musical Director's assistant: Rubén Sánchez-Vieco

Stage Director and Set Designer: Giuseppe Frigeni

Assistant direction of scene: Frederik Boni

Costume Designer:  Amélie Haas

Lighting Designer: Giuseppe Frigeni

Lighting Assistant: Hugo Carugatti


Tenerife Symphony Orchestra

Ópera de Tenerife Choir

Turandot: Tiziana Caruso

Calaf: Carlo Ventre

Liù: Alexandra Grigoras

Timur: Carlo Malinverno

Altoum: Blagoj Nacoski

Ping: Alfonso Mújica

Pong: Biao Li

Pang: David Astorga

A Mandarin: Aleksandr Utkin

A Persian prince: Néstor Galván

Firs Maid: María José Torres

Second Maid: Sara Ingrid Acosta

Tickets will be on sale from 26 June.
They can be purchased on line and at the Box Office in Auditorio.
This show is included in the Club Ópera de Tenerife Package: enjoy the full season with a 20% discount and many other advantages.

Packages on sale from 28 May to 27 October

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