Thursday 23May19
Concert by Orquesta Baroque de Tenerife
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Music/Orquesta Baroque de Tenerife
 Auditorio de Tenerife

The Orquesta Baroque de Tenerife closes its second season paying a tribute to the most outstanding compositions in the History of Baroque Music: a selection of Handel’s and Telemann’s Water Suites.

The two collections of sixteen Baroque dances are composed in G major and C major. Handel’s was composed in 1717 to legitimise through music and propaganda, the power of King George I. Telemann’s celebrates the centenary of Hamburg Admiralty, in 1723. Both works tie together these two great composers forever, and this association would ultimately benefit opera as it was Telemann who, while in Halle, introduced Handel to the genre that was to give him international fame from London.

In the flowing of the Thames and the Elbe towards the North Sea, fantasy and metaphor allow to lucubrate music programmes based on myths, emblems and allegory. Handel takes motifs from Tafelmusik to build new sound universes and widen his catalogue; it is not difficult to imagine that the London lab of Water Music stimulated Telemann, as it is evident that the melodic motifs in Wassermusik, are inspired by the former, though Vivaldi’s programmatic music should not be overlooked. Just remember some of the passages of il Cimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione played by OBDT in these past two years on different occasions, which tonight will resound in your auditive memory specularly.

Listening to the Fantasia for Traverse Flute without Bass will connect with Euterpe, like ancestral aulos, who sends Thetis to sleep until after the break, to start with the Sarabande Die schlafende Thetis.

The prodigious water music, ut musica poesis, concludes with the elegant Canarie Die lustigen Boots, the culmination of this earthly amusement, after the gods dive into the lethargy of time as a repeated demonstration, genitrix of the concert title  modulated by Bruce Lee, of the Tao feeling life flowing, like water, with no human intervention.

George Friederic Handel (1685-1759) Suite en Sol mayor de Water Music. HWV 350 [22’]
George Friederic Handel Suite Nº3 en Sol mayor de Water Music. HWV 350 [10’]
Georg Philipp Telemann (1681 - 1767) Fantasía para flauta travesera sin bajo continuo, Nº7 en Re mayor. TWV 40:8 [4’]
Georg Philipp Telemann (1681 - 1767) Obertura en Do mayor, Wassermusik. TWV 55:C3 [24’]
Artistic Team

Juan de la Rubia, harpsichord and conductor

Adrian Linares, Baroque violin and leader of the orchestra

Lorena Padrón and Laura Díaz, Baroque violins I

Judith Verona, Sergio Suarez and Giovanni Déniz, Baroque violins II

Víctor Gil and Melchor García, Baroque violas

Pablo Sosa, Baroque traverse flute

Pepa Megina, oboe I

Noelia Meliá, oboe II

Francisco Padrón, recorder

Isaure Lavergne, Baroque bassoon

Fernando Santiago and Diego Pérez, Baroque cellos

Juan Carlos Baeza, double bass

Carlos Oramas, theorbo and Baroque guitar

Dates and Tickets

Only people aged 5 and over are allowed in this show.

Music/Orquesta Baroque de Tenerife
Auditorio de Tenerife
Thu 23May19

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