Saturday 28May22

Composition premières

Composition Premières Concerto by the Higher Music Conservatory of the Canary Islands
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28 May 18:00 h.
60 min. aprox.
 Auditorio de Tenerife (Sala de Cámara)

The Auditorio de Tenerife hosts a concert with composition premieres by the students of the Higher Music Conservatory of the Canary Islands, where several musicians (also pupils) will perform the works of young musical authors.

Mathias Rehberg
Look mom I´m a composer
Musicians (guitar): Silvia Mercedes Izquierdo Rufino, José Luis Hernández Ramos, Josué Padrón Luis, Joel Rodríguez Delgado 

Computers are now in ctrl
Musician: Mathias Rehberg (Acoustic Guitar)

Basilio Gómez Navarro
Musicians: Marina Montero Torres (viola), Alejandra Nazareth Rodríguez Suárez (saxophone) and Gabriel Álvarez Doreste (piano)

Felipe A. Hernández
Musician: María Sánchez García (piano)

Jacob González Marrero
Serial killer
Musicians: Alberto López Torrente (violin), Arantxa Rodríguez Deroy (violin), Marina Montero Torres (viola), Mario Astone (cello) and Adasat Santana Suárez (double bass)

Marcos Trujillo Díaz
Internal debate - Prelude
Musicians: Mariana Yarelis Velásquez Urbina (violin) and Marcos Trujillo Díaz (piano)

Tadeo Martin Ramos
Musician: Laura María Delgado García (oboe)

Aarón Rodríguez Perez
Viento cósmico
(Sound equipment and projector)

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Access is only allowed to children over five years of age.

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Sat 28May22

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