Sunday 29May22

Day of the Canary Islands

Concert by island band, Federación Tinerfeña
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29 May 13:30 h.
 Auditorio de Tenerife (Sala Sinfónica)

The Federación Tinerfeña de Bandas de Música (Tenerife Federation of Music Bands) celebrates the Day of the Canary Islands in the Auditorio de Tenerife with a concert by its island band. 


In this concert, the musical culture of the island blends with one of the essential instruments of folklore: the timple. To do so, with the collaboration of the timple player David Duque as a soloist and conducted by the director Juan Antonio Rancel, a repertoire is being offered that is focused not only on folk music adapted to this group, but rather on creations by composers from the Canary Islands: Agustín Ramos, José Manuel Encinoso and Benito Cabrera.


The program will begin with Izana, a pasodoble composed by the maestro Manuel Morales Martínez that is being premièred in the Canary Islands at this concert.


Noches en el Valle (Nights in the Valley), work composed by Miguel del Castillo and adapted by Agustín Ramos. It is descriptive music divided into three movements: Crepúsculo (Dusk) where the music reflects a sunset viewed from the mountain of Izaña; Soñando (Dreaming) which conveys the dreams of the composer with very fine and delicate melodies; and Amanecer (Dawn). 


Then, the concerto for timple and the music group J. M. Encinoso will play. It is structured with the classic form of three movements. The author uses three completely separate themes for each of them, trying to fully enhance the technical possibilities of this instrument. A first movement, with a more serious feel, which repeats the tone that the work takes its name from, D minor. A second, with a moving and affectionate style. In this regard, it is worth highlighting a cadence that each timple player performs in a different way, thus contributing their personal touch to the work. A third movement, where a polka reminds us of the festive and popular characteristic of the Canary Islands timple, almost taking us to a traditional pilgrimage.


Suite para timple is a creation by the maestro Benito Cabrera, adapted by David Hernández. This medley of traditional songs, performed this time by David Duque, combines popular music with a music group.


The programme ends with Gran Canaria, a song by Los Gofiones and adapted for a group by Antón Alcalde. It conveys the emotions that inhabitants feel for the land.

Conductor: Juan Antonio Rancel Tejera

Soloist: David Duque (timple)

Manuel Morales
Izana (pasodoble)

Agustín Ramos
Noches del Valle (Nights in the Valley)
-Amanecer (Dawn)

J. M. Encinoso
Concerto for timple and music group 
Soloist: David Duque

Benito Cabrera
Suite for timple
Soloist: David Duque

Antón Alcalde
Gran Canaria

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Sun 29May22

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