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Flamenco piano concert
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08 Nov 19:30 h.
60 min. aprox.
Music/Chamber music cycle
 Auditorio de Tenerife (Sala de Cámara)

As part of its Chamber Music Cycle, the Auditorio de Tenerife is offering the concert Identidad (Identity) by the pianist Dorantes.


Identidad by Dorantes is a journey through his senses and cultural reality. His first introspective work where, alongside him, we enter into the diversity of his worlds, the beat of an extremely young heart, sweetness, resistance, essence, power, the invasion of the new world and also tolerance, the preservation of cultural plurality and, in turn, opening up to mixing. A performance of great dramatism contained in each of its pulsations, accurately measured and extraordinary mastery of nuance. Elegant and passionate, it transports us through a river of notes to take us to the world of emotions. A real display of virtuosity and dedication. Vibrant. Never before has he produced something so completely flamenco, at the same time putting it at a universal level, at the level of great music. Identidad is his seventh great work created by himself. His unique privilege of having flamenco and classical music. Vocation and continuous work.

La hazaña
It refers to his early childhood in Lebrija and his first adventures on bike where he gradually discovered new paths.

(Soleá and bulerías)
It recalls his elders in Lebrija, his family, singing, parties.

Arriba en el monte
The move from his home town, Lebrija, to Tomares when he was barely aged 8 marked him at a moment during the move, with a pile of blankets they were waiting to pack, when he coincidentally discovered a bandoneon that belonged to his father. The new sound captivated him and opened up a new world of possible music.

La puerta
One day, upon opening the door of his home, his father entered with an upright piano, an old mahogany pianola from the 19th century. That completely changed his life, until then, he had focused on the guitar.

El paso
The conservatoire and flamenco. Coexistence.

La ciudad
The world, its cities, the cosmopolitan and its peoples. Coexistence, interculturality and identities.

Identidad has been described as:

- "A work of authentic flamenco execution, in which one can recognise oneself and identity with. Never before has he produced something so completely flamenco, at the same time putting it at a universal level. Dorantes is one of the artists who puts flamenco in the place of artistic quality that it deserves. At the level of great composers and great musics”. AQUÍ MADRID

- "A real display of virtuosity and emotional commitment that left everyone with a trembling heart and smiling eyes". El CORREO DE ANDALUCÍA

- "A masterclass of guts and heart. The music of Dorantes exudes life. Therefore, listening to him play alone in the intimacy of the stunning Church of San Luis de los Franceses, seeing how he slides his fingers over the keys of the piano and searches deep inside of himself means connecting with what we once were or wanted to be. His piano straddles roots, experience and spirituality to such an extent that, sometimes, he needs to bend his body and embrace it and at others, look up, as if he wanted to call on the angels of the frescoes in the church to help him to rise up". DIARIO DE SEVILLA

- "The renewal of those 224 keys has come courtesy of this artist and they sound more flamenco than ever. The 52 white keys and 36 black ones hold no secrets. (...) For Dorantes, and the pulsation has the exact tempo at each moment with exceptional tension on the pedal. The sound is his own and he sometimes puts his hands on the soundboard to silence the string the way that John Cage does, and he does so with pleasure to achieve other sounds and even execute a different percussion”. ABC

Access is only allowed to children over five years of age.

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