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 Ópera de Tenerife
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Luisa Fernanda is a zarzuela, a comedy in three acts, by Federico Moreno Torroba and libretto by Federico Romero Sarachaga and Guillermo Fernández-Shaw Iturralde. It was premiered at Teatro Calderón in Madrid on 26 March 1932.

Auditorio welcomes one of the most acclaimed operettas, Luisa Fernanda, by Federico Moreno Torroba, who was a prolific composer and music critic. In this piece, we can see how Torroba reaffirms his expressive style and traditional character by using a simple direct language of great formal elegance.

The action is set in Madrid just before the Gloriosa Revolution in 1868, and it is a faithful portrait of the atmosphere of the time, split between monarchists and liberals. Luisa Fernanda is in love with Javier but has no option but to marry Vidal Hernando after the Queen is overthrown and they go to Extremadura. She finally yields to her feelings for Javier and breaks Vidal’s heart. She fears nothing, though, because “a heart that forgives is no heavy burden”

Creative Team

Musical Director: Oliver Díaz

Stage Manager: Alfonso Romero Mora

Costume Designer: Leo Martínez

Tenerife Symphony Orchestra

Ópera de Tenerife Choir

Choir mistress: Carmen Cruz


Luisa Fernanda: Ana Lucrecia García

Duchess Carolina: TBC

Vidal Hernando: Pablo Gálvez

Javier Moreno: David Astorga

Luis Nogales: Alberto Camón

Doña Mariana: Silvia Zorita

Aníbal: Pablo Martínez

Saboyano: Badel Albelo


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Concert Hall
Auditorio de Tenerife
Ópera de Tenerife
From 20€
Sat 30Jun18