Four groups will offer their performances this Saturday [19th] at the Tamaragua Cultural Centre, starting at 11:00 a.m.


The programme Teatro Aficionado (Amateur Theatre) of the Auditorio de Tenerife celebrates its twentieth anniversary this Saturday [19th] at the Tamaragua Cultural Centre in Santa Cruz with the organisation of an annual meeting in which the associations Rondalla Volcanes del Teide, Tais, Tatrum and Puro Teatro will take part. The performances begin at 11:00 a.m. and will continue until 7:00 p.m. with the presence of representatives of the groups that continue to be linked to amateur theatre in Tenerife.

This meeting will start with a performance of the play Cena de Navidad (The Christmas Dinner), a play by the Association Rondalla Volcanes del Teide of La Orotava. The play begins on Christmas Eve, with the Sánchez family waiting for their daughter Pepita, her future husband, Javi, and his mother to arrive. The parents, the grandmother and the maid are busy preparing dinner. They want to organise a perfect evening at home, but nothing will happen as the Sánchez family thought. The play is performed by Marina Santos García, Isabel Acosta Lina, Antonia García Luis, María del Pilar Padrón Yanes, Isabel Hernández Lorenzo, Ascención Díaz González and Estrella Escobar Luis.

At around midday, the members of the Tais association will perform their show Quien pide el último, pide mejor. The play begins with a lady who finds a strange lamp that turns out to have powers while she is tidying the attic. She decides to share the discovery with her friends, who turn up both intrigued and incredulous. The performance will be carried out by Mari Carmen Cruz, Dorys Pelayo, Sergio del Pino, Nati Álvarez, Carmen del Rosario, Monse Morales, Juan Carlos del Pino and Lucas Hernández.

Bar Manolo by the theatrical association Tatrum will be staged from four in the afternoon. The piece presents a popular establishment located just opposite the cemetery. Manolo, the bar owner, is a fan of crosswords and drinking. He is accompanied by Conchi, who is responsible for cleaning and cooking. A wide variety of characters will come to the bar, which will be the setting of forbidden love, vices, complicities, and madness. José Manuel Sosa, Yesica Rodríguez, Hugo Rodríguez, Mariana Rodríguez, Yolanda Peña, Olga Vanesa Curotto, José Luis Rubio, Olgui González and Pepe Damas star in Tatrum’s proposal.

The shows end with Puro Teatro, offering Historias caóticas para cinco artistas desesperados (Chaotic stories for five desperate artists), which is made up of five small texts whose common theme is chaos. Each of the five stories is starred by two characters who in some way express their feelings at a specific moment in their lives. The actors that are part of the Association are Lidia Dorta, Jesús Patrón, Sonia Lutzardo, Glenda Suárez and Nuria Neida.

The programme Teatro Aficionado (Amateur Theatre) is part of the Educational and Social Area of the Auditorio de Tenerife. This programme encourages interest in the hobby of theatre and the production of theatrical plays by the existing associations in Tenerife. It aims to stimulate matters such as communication, the exchange of ideas, and creativity amongst members who, in turn, belong to youth collectives, cultural collectives, women's collectives, and neighbourhood groups, among others.

Its main objectives are to promote a liking for theatre among different social and cultural groups, to promote the general public's attendance to, and love of, theatrical plays; likewise, to contribute to enriching the technical/artistic quality of amateur theatre groups and to create different work groups necessary for the creation of a play.