The Auditorium's Educational and Social programme offers three performances for the island’s pupils and their relatives



The Auditorio de Tenerife is a space linked to the Department of Culture of Tenerife Island Council that is managed by the islands’ Minister of Culture Enrique Arriaga. This week, it offers the educational programme Manos a la Ópera (Get the Opera Rolling) where 60 schoolchildren from Pre-Primary Education take part. Children interpret "The Mini Magic Flute" a retelling of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s (Salzburg, 1756 - Vienna, 1791) classical magical fairy tale. Three performances are offered for pupils from the island and the relatives of the small performers.

During the first performance that took place today 6 May 2021, 40 schoolchildren from the Nursery and Primary School Ernesto Castro Fariñas (Tacoronte), took part. For tomorrow's session, 50 attendees will come from both Nursery and Primary Schools San Benito (La Laguna) and El Tablero (Santa Cruz). The third performance will take place on Saturday with the relatives of the performers as audience.

Manos a la Ópera is an initiative by the Auditorium’s Educational and Social Department. It consists of creating a free version of an original opera made by and for children. The creation process is crucial, as schoolchildren take part in several artistic creative activities, such as literary creation, music, theatre, visual arts, and corporal expression. 

The schoolchildren learn through their own experience. They actively participate in the creation process by adapting and performing the opera. Then, they merge this process into their personal and group imagination. To this end, the programme provides them with workshops to acquire skills and resources. This enables them to appreciate, enjoy, value and produce art. By means of this important tool, curiosity for learning, knowledge of others, of their culture and the merit of collective work are promoted.

The complicity of the educational centres and the involvement of their teaching staff is a key factor to develop this programme. This year the initiative counted with fifteen teachers. Melodie Pérez directed the show with the assistance of Ariadna Simó. Ubaldo Pérez was on charge of the musical and sound creation. For the recording of the demos, he teamed up with Marina Machado and Mauricio di Rado. Marta Delgado was on charge of the set and costume design. In addition, the programme counted with the artistic and technical support of the Auditorium’s staff.

Apart from the performances, a programme and a teaching guide was produced as a resource for both schools and families, which can be downloaded from

The Mini Magic Flute takes place in a distant and rocky country that existed a long time ago. Darkness has taken over the sky since the magician Sarastro took the beautiful princess Pamina away from the Queen of the Night. One day, a boy called Tamino was fighting against a snake when some fairies, accompanied by goblins, managed to scare the monster away. The fairies decided to tell the Queen of the Night how courageous and brave the boy was. The queen decided to entrust him with the liberation of Princess Pamina and, in return, he could marry her. 

Tamino accepted. The fairies gave him a magic flute which had unprecedented and unknown powers that would help him when he needed it. All he had to do was to play a sweet melody and the magic would do the rest. Tamino and Papageno, the kingdom's bird-catcher, set out on a long journey to the Sun Temple, where the magician Sarastro was hiding Pamina. Both adventurers discover that nothing is what it seems: The Queen of the Night holds a dark secret...